SS50 MS7 Codec Series | HDMI Codec

SS50 MS7 Codec Series

SS50 MS7 Codec Series

Only available for the models ON-DMI-50B, ON-DMI-50BW, ON-DMI-50BPON-DMI-50DON-DMI-50DW.
  1. Typically the one listed first in the following table is the latest firmware version.
  2. Once you download the firmware file, you may need to decompress or extract it from its compressed format (e.g., a .zip or .rar file) before you can proceed with the firmware update process. And there're specific firmware files that are designed for different applications: one for CCTV surveillance and another for live broadcasting. It's important to select the appropriate firmware version based on the intended use case, either for CCTV surveillance or live broadcasting, to ensure compatibility and proper functionality for your specific application.
  3. When updating firmware, especially if you are running a very old version, it may be necessary to upgrade the firmware step by step rather than jumping directly to the latest version. This incremental approach helps to ensure a smooth and successful firmware update process. By upgrading in smaller increments, you reduce the likelihood of compatibility issues or potential conflicts between the very old version and the latest version. This also allows the firmware update to address any specific changes or fixes made in each version, ensuring that your system is fully updated and functioning properly at every stage.
  4. It's strongly recommended to do upgrading via device manager and it's under wired connection. When upgrading an encoder, it is usually recommended to follow best practices to ensure a smooth and reliable upgrade process. Please refer to article Upgrade Firmware.
  5. The version number "HDMI_V3.00.52.220921" can be interpreted as indicating that the firmware version was released on September 21st, 2022. 
  6. "V3.00.52" indicates the major, minor, and patch version numbers of the firmware. 
  7. "220921" represents the release date, with "22" for the year 2022, "09" for the month of September, and "21" for the 21st day of the month.
Firmware Version
Kernel Optimized
RTSP Optimized
Fix WiFi Module Issue, 1st Flash This Kernel and 2nd Upgrade V3.00.90.240417
Audio Optimized
Recording Optimized
ONVIF Authentication Added, Milestone Optimized
H.265 Preview/USB2.0 Webcam Optimized
Customized & Trial Version

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